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Informations on virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is rated as the best and highest quality of oil,and it is also the most expensive oil. The best thing about this oil is that it has no defects and has a flavor and smell of fresh olives. Extra virgin olive oil is prepared by use of a purely mechanical method which ensures that no solvents are used whatsoever, and the process is done under temperatures of below 36 degrees centigrade to ensure that it does not degrade the oil.

In order to ensure that the standards of the extra virgin olive oil are not compromised in any way, there is a council of a trained testing panel known as the International Olive Council that does the evaluation and testing of oil to check whether it has no chemicals in it so that it can qualify as ‘Extra virgin’. To qualify as extra virgin, the olive oil must be proven to contain no defects and should exhibit some fruitiness. Extra virgin olive oil is basically pressed fruit juice without any additives,and thus the variations in its quality and taste could only come from the combination of decisions applied during the preparation method or the types of olives used in its preparation,and most importantly,the level of dedication of the producer.

Extra virgin olive oil tasters describe its positive attributes using terms like Fruity,Bitter and Pungent.Pungent attribute means creating a peppery sensation on the mouth and throat after consumption.On the other hand,Bitter means the attribute of creating a mostly acrid flavor sensation on the tongue.Finally,the fruity attribute of extra virgin olive oil refers to the aspect of having very pleasant,fruity characteristic of fresh,ripe or green olives.When ripe fruits are used,they yield oils that are milder,aromatic,buttery and floral,whereas green fruits produce oils that are grassy,herbaceous,bitter and pungent.

The extra olive oil has various health benefits,and some people have testified of the health benefits they have gotten from this great oil,till some time it was rumored of a elderly lady who said she was 120 years old and still very energetic due to constant use of the extra virgin olive oil.This points out to the fact that extra virgin olive oil has remarkable health benefits so long has it has not been alliterated during the production,and provided that all the specifications have been followed to the carefully.Extra virgin olive oil also nourishes the skin in a great way,if applied daily,and keeps the skin looking healthy and young for longer.Health benefits of olive oil has been proven after thorough research by scientists.Since oil is a most commonly used product today in every family,it is then important to ensure that you always go for the highest and best quality one available on the market ,and extra virgin olive oil gives you the best that you can ever get.It is also one of the most flavorful of all oils and a perfect addition to many meals.

You can decide to drink at least one glass of extra virgin olive oil a day or if not,then try it on your meal the next time you cook,and you will never be wrong with extra virgin olive oil…

Cene oljčnega olja

Cene olivnega olja so najbolj odvisne od njegove kvalite in količine pridelane posameznega leta. Slovensko oljčno olje dosega visoke cene, do 13UER/le, v povprečju se sicer cena giblje okoli 11EUR/l.

Sicer so se cene olivnega olja pri oljkarjih nekoliko znižale, saj se je letna pridelava olivnega olja v zadnjih letih krepko povečala. Tako oljkarji ne uspejo prodati vsega pridelanega oljčnega olja. Tako so primorani oljčno olje prodajati tudi po nižjih cenah, te pa se va zadnjem obdobju gibajo okoli 10EUR/l.

Seveda so kupci za kvaliteno ekstra deviško oljčno olje pripravljeni ponuditi tudi višje cene. Oljčno olje je sinonim za kvaliteto, zato ne šparajte z njegovo uporabo.…